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Dare To Negotiate  by Bruce E. Smith empowers you with proven strategies he acquired working behind the "Desk" at two of the most ruthless, high volume, dealers in Arizona. He shares secrets that unlock the "Dealers Encrypted Language" enabling you to navigate the ruthless, intimidating, emotional storms that make you want to scream- - - Mommy please make them stop!

This "Jaw-Dropping", eye opening, treasure chest is inundated with juicy, humorous, thigh slapping ,"Ah-Ha!" revelations that remind you of  all the costly mistakes that caused you to blindly leave hard earned money on the table . One chapter entitled ,
"Women Are The Best Negotiators" describes in detail how a female reader got so excited after reading this book that she convinced her elderly father to trade-in his unencumbered truck just so she could use her newly acquired, "Bullet Proof" negotiation skills in a "Re-Match" the same dealer who made outrageous profits on her purchase of a Malibu six years BEFORE she had a chance to read Dare To Negotiate .

Pumped, locked and loaded this time she leaped into the dealer's ring- - - ready to spank dat - - - U - KNOW - WHAT!

Fast forward. With surgical precision she delivered a combination of punches to the head and body culminating with final "Knockout-Punch" that saved her dad $8,621.54 between the trade-in allowance which she re-negotiated from their original low-ball offer and the final selling price of the new truck. After the referee stopped the fight on a "TKO" .  Dazed and confused by what just happened the "Desk Manager" sarcastically mumbled, "I wonder who she's been talking to?".  Still invoking the "Power of silence" she brought that dealer to his knees  when  he said, "Tell you what. My boss authorized me to give you a voucher that entitles you to free weekly carwashes for three years if you tell me who coached you on how to negotiate this deal?" 

Vindicated, liberated , and victorious, with triumphant tears of joy she told him about this empowering book.  She also shared that the since the full service carwash (located one block from the dealership) charges $12.99 per wash (including tips) those free weekly carwashes she negotiated for her dad saved him another $2,244.84 added to original savings of $8621.54 bringing the total savings she negotiated for her dad to a whopping $10,866.38 !

Dare To Negotiate  shows you how to "Squash Dealer Double Talk" under your feet (like annoyingly painful scorpions) so they'll NEVER HURT YOU AGAIN!  Embracing the contents of this book will forever put you in the "Catbird Seat" at the head of the negotiating table controlling the thing that once controlled you! 

List of topics covered below include but are not limited to:

  •   Power of Silence
  •   Why Women Are The Best Negotiators
  •   Do's and Don'ts of Negotiating

About the Author

Put God in your deal and He'll put you in a Praise Mobile! Because the car business has one of the highest turnovers dealerships compete fiercely to attract the best "Closers". As a result of his stellar reputation Bruce was heavily recruited by many local GM's.  The word quickly spread about published customer testimonials which publicly commended him for demonstrating "Excellence and Integrity" in an industry plagued by consumer complaints.  Despite record breaking sales at two of the most ruthless, high volume dealerships in Arizona Bruce noticed that every deal had a  piece of hair on it.   When he asked management why this was they shrugged their shoulders and said  "It's the Business". Nevertheless it made him feel dirty.  This constant reminder let him know that his day's were numbered. 

One night after closing his fourth deal of that day he looked in the mirror and announced, "I can't do this anymore!"  The next day, to" If their lips are moving their probably lying! " Who says that? ...Customers or Salesman? the GM's surprise, he promptly retired from the car business.  The following Sunday he joined his family in church where he surrendered his life to Christ and since that encounter with God his life has never been the same.

Called to ministry after hearing a life changing sermon from his Pastor he reluctantly volunteered his dealership experience to advise those seeking help negotiating with dealers.  Several years passed before God's word birthed the Christian Car Buying Ministry which compelled him to finally "Spill the Beans" about "Dealer tricks of the trade" in a series of regional workshops.  Now God has inspired   "Dare To Negotiate" , a Bible based ," How-to-Guide" that empowers consumers to seek God first to empower them take control of the negotiating table. 

So many choices.  I'm confused!  Who can we call?He reminds us that his intent is not to "Bash Dealers" .  Also he reinforces the fact that not all dealers are "unscrupulous" like the ones he worked for.  As he ministers this "Negotiation" life skill he encourages everyone to seek God's word for wisdom, truth and the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Finally he promises that once you understand dealers "Encrypted Language" you'll feel the unapologetic boldness to navigate those emotional "Tornadoes" that form at the " Negotiating Table". Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to discover the truth about "Haggling" as Bruce imparts "Dealership secrets" that empower you to Dare To Negotiate 

The following excerpts were taken from reader emails... 

Short, sweet powerful! Cuts to the Chase about the Mysteries of Negotiating - Feb 2003
I like this book because the secrets revealed about how to "Negotiate" showed me exactly where and how I can save money during negotiations.  It provides , in your face ,"Real World" information you might not think about when you sit in the box.   It also exposes the mind of the car dealer during negotiations.

Novella T. - Chicago IL.

Negotiate VS " Root Canal " Hmmm??? - April  2003
That's right! I would rather have " Root Canal Surgery " (without anesthesia) than negotiate on a car!   Even if you don't need a vehicle right now I urge you to download this book because if you're like me, you'll see a reflection of every stupid mistake you made during your last car buying fiasco! I know I did!  Then I got angry when I saw how they "Got me" but " Dare To Negotiate" turned my tears to joy because now I know how to "Bullet Proof" my car deals forever! 

L.M. Trenton, NJ.

Knowledge is Power! April 6, 2003
"Wow! What a book! Proper application of this insider knowledge instantly commands respect from any dealer when you negotiate. "

J. Delis , Havertown PA.

This book is great for Women, Aug, 2003
" Dare To Negotiate" is filled with insider keywords and specific phrases that unlock the secrets of haggling with Dealers.  After reading this book my gratification came from knowing that I could effectively minimize the dealer's profit. " 

 G. Willard - Buffalo, NY.

Five Stars! Bravo!, July, 2003

"For the first time ever I was able to purchase a new vehicle at $750 below dealer cost by simply applying what I learned . The desk manager kept asking me who I knew in the "Business".   That life changing experience increased my self esteem as a negotiator!"

E.D. - Clovis, NM

Thought I already knew how to avoid getting ripped off when buying a car!, July 15, 2003

"As a Deacon I couldn't figure out why someone emailed me this book because the dealer already told me that I'm an excellent negotiator.  Now ,thanks to this book, I realize that I was being set up!  Dare To Negotiate unlocked mysteries about negotiating that I never knew!  

Deacon Carl Z. - Bakersfield, CA"

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