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CCBM - Brother in The Business Online Consulting 


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"But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." (Matthew 6:33)


What is Christian Car Buying?


"Christian Car Buying keeps God first, saves you thousands,  prevents you from compromising financial support of your church"


Mission Statement  


We are "CCBM Certified Negotiators " uniquely qualified in ministry, auto sales and global technical support. We share "Insider Negotiation Strategies" that empower you to break "Generational" strongholds on family car buying finances. We teach you how to effectively negotiate money saving , stress free, fair deals, without fear, intimidation, or "Buyers Remorse". Also, if you're too busy with family, or career obligations to spend stressful hours negotiating we'll contact any dealer, cut to the chase, and within twenty minutes we'll effectively negotiate a "Fair Deal" within your prescribed budget.


~ Bruce E. Smith , founder Christian Car Buying Ministry; CEO Brother in the Business Online Consulting


( Online Negotiation Life Skills Coaching)

Father God, You said if your people who are called by your name would humble themselves and pray you promised to teach them what to say ... In Jesus name I pray. Amen.


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When you put God in your deal He'll put you in a Praise Mobile!

"Honey aren't you glad we called Bruce before we got taken for a ride?   "  Honey aren't you glad we called our Brother In The Business before we got taken for a ride?  "Remember what Bruce said about Business Protocol..."


"BULLET- PROOF " your negotiation skills or they'll continue making huge profits on you !" 


Now I can teach my son how to negotiate with POWER!




Our Focus:

  1. Help you save thousands when negotiating

  2. Increase financial stewardship to support outreach ministries

  3. Provide product research and technical support

  4. Professional Role Play Coaching to help you defeat advanced dealer negotiating tactics

  5. Self Empowerment via Biblical Principles of Persuasion to help you develop effective negotiation strategies

Our Purpose:

" We are unapologetic Christian Consumer Advocates seeking God to encourage and empower you to develop profitable "Negotiation Life Skills " using Biblical Principals of Persuasion and best business practices to invoke money-saving, contractual fairness without fear, intimidation or buyers remorse."  

Bruce E. Smith, Founder- Christian Car Buying Ministry Copyright 2005 


cars15.gif (14682 bytes)If used properly the dealership situational role play "Coaching" we make available will save you thousands.


Note: God has blessed us with a global opportunity to minister to anyone who's in need of our help. When you opt to register below for your FREE consultations your obedience in completing the two line registration form below let's us know that you support what God is doing through this ministry.  We're eager to consult with you about your next purchase. 


Our experience tells us that most consumers wish they had confidential access to an "Expert" to consult with prior to engaging a car dealer. Whenever you're ready your help is only a mouse click away.


Your registration encourages our "Due Diligence" to maximize your savings at the negotiating table.   Once you've registered simply tell us what you're interested in and how much you have budgeted to spend.  Then we'll go to work via email to listen carefully to your concerns , reiterate your goals and advise you on the most cost effective acquisition strategy based on your budget, FICO score and available sources of funding a purchase or lease .


IMPORTANT NOTE: Although we appreciate the privilege of ministering to you it sometimes our assessment and advice regarding your desire to purchase a vehicle will not be what you want to hear and you may become angry with us.  We empathize with your disappointment, however, the Bible reminds us, "And we know that all things work together for good to those that love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose", (Romans 8:28). Whenever we seek God thru prayer, listen, then share our findings the ball is then in your court. In "Denial" cases like this we believe God is speaking to you thru this ministry that at this time in your life He's revealing things that may harm you yet as always God gives each of His children "Free Will" to listen to His voice or not. So, that said, the ultimate decision to proceed or not ,based on what we've seen and shared, is entirely up to you.


Because we value and respect you and your time once we make a determination that a purchase (Given your financial profile at this time) would not be financially feasible for you we will offer an "Exit" prayer to conclude your consultation. Our years of experience has confirmed that any further debate would deny others equal access to the precious resources God has bless us with. 


 Regardless of your "Geo Code" if you want CCBM to mobilize our international dealer network of resources on your behalf (for a limited time) there are no Broker fees required. 


Church trustee's if you see where this ministry can help financial supporters of your church avoid being tricked into paying too much at the dealership and increase financial stewardship please pray about how we can partner to share this insider knowledge dealers don't want your members to know.  In addition to giving seminars at your church campus or via webinars please pray about placing a moneysaving link to our site on your website or weekly bulletin to give your members who desire a free consultation the opportunity to contact us before they engage a dealer. 


We'll show them how to save thousands and protect God's tithes & offerings before they're unknowingly compromised during negotiations. We'll "Coach" them through the development and implementation of an effective, simple, money-saving negotiation strategy.  


Finally, you can decide to utilize our professional coaching service to help you negotiate directly with the dealer or if you desire we'll contact any dealer via email and negotiate a "Fair Price" on your behalf based on your prescribed budget.


One of the primary goals of our ministry is to ensure a stress free "Christian", car buying experience that gives you God's peace that surpasses all understanding, void of "Buyers Remorse", because you'll know that you asked God to precede your negotiations to a successful outcome.


Giving Thanks unto God 


When I'm ready to buy a car who will teach me how to negotiate?After you've taken delivery of your "Praise Mobile " we pray that you'll bless your church with a financial "Love" gift in whatever amount God compels you to give.  This is a way of giving thanks unto God for leading you to CCBM , Brother in the Business( online consulting).  Prayerfully your generosity will encourage your trustees to continue to making this money saving, "Negotiation Life Skill" ministry available to future generations.  Our prayer is that by faith your generosity will supernaturally infuse a spirit of giving into the hearts of your members who wish to initiate what will become a perpetual income stream for generations based on your shining example of good stewardship . 


When you put God in your deal --- He'll put you in a  Praise-Mobile


Perhaps your not ready to buy at this time yet you wish to encourage the unique work of this ministry with an online donation. If so please click Donate and give to the birthplace of the Christian Car Buying Ministry and Brother in the Business Consulting. Here you can meet my Pastor who's anointed preaching and teaching inspired me to stop running from what God called me to do.  It was here at FIBC where hearing God's word impregnated my spirit and birthed this global outreach ministry.  Christian Car Buying facilitates good stewardship designed by God to break generational strongholds on family car buying finances forever.   Like Jesus Christ used 5 fish and 2 loaves of bread to feed 5,000 + CCBM is fully persuaded that if you have the faith of a "mustard seed" it's the sowing of your financial "Seed" that will bring a bountiful harvest. God  bless you and may this be the first day of the best days of your life!