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What is Christian Car Buying?


"But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." (Matthew 6:33)


"Christian Car Buying is the act of prayerfully keeping God first, including car dealers in your prayers and by refusing to compromise God's tithes and offerings during negotiations."


Mission Statement  

"To facilitate a stress free "Christian" car buying experience by coaching you on how to avoid compromise of God's tithes and future offerings during negotiations. To enhance financial support of outreach ministries by providing online "Negotiation Strategies" that empower you to negotiate money saving , stress free, fair deals without fear, intimidation, or buyers remorse. "

~ Bruce E. Smith , founder Christian Car Buying Ministry; Brother in the Business Online Consulting  .




"I'm nothing without Christ says Bruce E. Smith founder of the Christian Car Buying Ministry (CCBM), Brother In The Business consulting."  What is "Christian Car Buying"?  Bruce, says," It's the act of seeking God by praying for yourself and the dealers always keeping God first by NOT compromising His tithes and offerings. Our mission is to provide you with  ,"Life changing", "Innovative", "Negotiation Skills Coaching" to empower you to overcome "Advanced Dealership Negotiation Tactics". Our ,"Prayer Inspired" , " 1 on 1" , online coaching will empower you to effectively negotiate, "Money-Saving-Deals", without fear, intimidation, or buyers remorse."


Will your lack of negotiating skill cause you to unknowingly rob God when you buy or lease your next ride?


Based on quantifiable money saving results of Bruce's developmental online negotiation skills coaching sessions, those former CCBM students who successfully applied his Biblical Principles of Persuasion to help them negotiate exceptional deals described Bruce as, "...a humble, extraordinary coach, compassionate "Ambassador for Christ", and "Expert" negotiator".  Armed with keen insider knowledge derived from over 18yrs of commission sales experience including domestic and foreign sales at two of the most ruthless dealerships inI'm so glad I have a "Brother In The Business���"! Arizona  God has conceived this relevant ministry that allows Bruce and his dedicated team of CCBM ministers the freedom to help people navigate the storms that often erupt at the dealership during negotiations. More importantly this "Brother In The Business" has proven that his knowledge from "Inside the Dealership" can help you save thousands when you buy or lease.


Do you know someone who's being taken for a ride?  Will a man rob God? (Malachi 3:8-10) ."The penetrating word of God has inspired me to incorporate "Biblical Principals of Persuasion" to help you overcome "Insider secrets" dealers don't want you to know," says Bruce.  CCBM is fully persuaded that Christian Car Buying is a component of good stewardship.  Everyday people enter dealerships fully intending to pay a certain amount then, without warning, they get "caught up in a tornado of emotions".  Unfamiliar with secret dealer negotiating tactics many find themselves "Hoodwinked" into a lopsided payment that often compromises their tithes and offerings!  Sound familiar? 


Since becoming a global advocate of Christian Car Buying his passion for mentoring along with his keen eye for detail is surpassed only by his desire to create a CCBM legacy of sharing "Inside the Dealership" knowledge to help those who don't know anybody in the car business. 


One of our goals is to use technology to empower consumers with negotiation life skills that guarantee a Win-Win, Fair Deal for everyone . Additionally we want to encourage people to support church outreach ministries using their various gifts of time, talent and treasure. To that end our ministry prayerfully encourages random acts of kindness from those whom we've helped by looking for opportunities to use their "Praise Mobile" to bless others.  Also we encourage pastors to teach their youth about Christian Car Buying thus creating a perpetual spirit of sharing and caring that will increase exponentially to encourage support of local and global outreach ministries.    More...


Note: In order to keep offering this FREE service we must limit our consultations to clients purchasing vehicles listed for sale by retail car dealers.


If you're buying from a "Private Owner" check out Edmunds,   10 Steps to Buying a Used Car



 Note: * Due to the increasing volume of "Coaching" requests received (57-85 daily) we're forced to quickly eliminate "Time Wasters" who are inflexible on vehicle color choices or won't follow our instructions. To respect everyone's time we must prioritize our responses to those who email your phone #, Your Full Name, City, State Zip where you live along with the vehicle year, make,model, Exterior\Interior color you want within 72hrs of your prescribed acquisition date when you hope to take delivery. 


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