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Don't Hate --- Negotiate!

(Feel the POWER of negotiating like a Pro!)

WOW! What we learned just saved us a whopping $4,500.00! I'm so glad we attended the "(CCBM) Negotiating Skills" Workshop!

Avoid "Tricks of the Trade" Car Dealers... Don't Want You To Know!


Dance like "MJ" from Victim to Victory

                               Saturday - 12/05/2010

"I'd rather have a "Root Canal" than endure the emotional stress of negotiating with a car dealer! "

"I'm not trying to steal their car and I know their entitled to a fair profit but I would rather have a "Root Canal" than have to dance around the negotiating table with car dealers! If I had a 'Brother In The Business™' I would ask him to be my 'Coach'. " 


 Cadillac Escalade!"Dealer Tricks of The Trade Negotiation Skills Webinar" 


You don't want to miss this life changing, jaw dropping, money-saving, revelation of "Insider" dealer secrets that empower you to dance your way to a lifetime of 'Fair Deals' without fear, intimidation or buyers remorse!

(CCBM) Biblical Principle of Persuasion "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." (Phillipians 4:13 NIV)

Presented by: Bro. Bruce Smith Founder/CEO, Christian Car Buying Ministry (CCBM) ™- Brother In The Business™ Online Consulting

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