"But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." (Matthew 6:33)


What is Christian Car Buying?


"Christian Car Buying keeps God first, prevents you from paying too much, saves thousands you risk leaving on the negotiating table."


Mission Statement  


Bruce & Proverbs 31 wife  Beverly (Married 37 years 9/14/74) We are "CCBM Certified Negotiators " called to minister Christian Car Buying advice. Our unique coaching strategies empower you to break "Generational" strongholds on family car buying finances forever using "Biblical Principles of Persuasion", closely guarded, "Advanced Dealer Negotiation Tactics" and our global technical support.  Our interactive coaching uses real world, role-playing scenarios to simulate "Secret Tricks of the Trade" used by many dealers to make outrageous profits on you. Using our knowledge and experience from inside the dealership we infuse you with a "Commanding Business Protocol" that empowers you to save thousands as you effectively negotiate money saving , stress free, deals, without fear, intimidation, or "Buyers Remorse".   For those who refuse to spend all day at the dealership feel the power of the "Internet Fleet Deal" forcing dealers to submit bids for your business. Once you determine the lowest bidder you simply show up, enjoy your final ( pre-delivery-inspection) demo ride, finalize your method of funding and drive off praising God for showing you how to conquer the fear that once controlled you.


~ Bruce E. Smith , founder Christian Car Buying Ministry; CEO Brother in the Business Online Consulting

  Hi Bruce!  My sister's calling me from the dealership and she's in tears... are you available to do a conference call to help her negotiate a "Fair" deal ?

God has given the Christian Car Buying Ministry (CCBM) a fiduciary revelation to share with churches experiencing financial challenges.  Will a man rob God to buy a car?


Problem:  Many churches are being forced to shut their doors.  Why?   Because diminished church tithes and offerings fail to meet their weekly operating budget.  God has revealed that there exists a correlation between faulty car buying skills and stewardship.  Will a man be tempted to rob God in order to acquire and fuel vehicles they really can't afford?


Let my people go!" Greater is He that is in me..."We solicit your prayers for pastors who become weary and discouraged as increasing numbers of their members rob God to buy cars the wrong way.  In their endless search for significance they often fail to seek Christian Car Buying advice before entering a Dealership.  Hasty, and often inexperienced they fall victim of  "Buyers Remorse" as the call us seeking help on the way home but by then ...It's too late!  Why?  Because saying the wrong things during negotiations frequently result in paying too much for too long.  What are your plans for God's children?  How will you teach them to effectively negotiate?


Without an experienced CCBM negotiator to teach them biblical Do's and Don'ts of Negotiating" they can easily  find themselves "Upside Down" for 7 years as they fall for the "Bait and Switch" tactics of a "Tent Sale" !


"I can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me"

" If my people who are called by my name..."Solution: The Christian Car Buying Ministry (CCBM) teaches pastors and their people how to negotiate a "Fair Deal" using "Biblical Principles of Persuasion" to seek God's word to implement our proven "Insider" negotiation strategies. Also CCBM can show you how to create a generational " Income Stream " for your church if you allow us to help you establish a local CCBM chapter at your church.  More details... after you Register .   Seek God and feel the power as (CCBM) reveals money saving, "Jaw Dropping" ,  negotiation strategies that bring car dealers to their knees begging for your business! 


When you put God in your deal---He'll put you in a Praise-Mobile !  It's a Praise Mobile!


  Will you be ready to tell your Dealer about the Good News of Jesus Christ?


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