" Three decades plus of "Perfect Understanding" (She's Perfect! - I'm Understanding!)"

Our testimony cont'd...

If you stay we'll promote you to "Desk Manager" The dealership GM tried to convince Bruce not to retire from the car business but no amount of success or money could convince him to stay because he was about to have an encounter with God.


One Sunday his wife stopped by the dealership and after noticing a distant look in his eyes said," Honey we've got to get you out of this place."  It was time.  The following Sunday we listened to the sermon, accepted the "Invitation" and ever since that day our lives have never been the same! Two weeks later Bruce retired from the car business.


In an effort to officially close that chapter of his life Bruce vowed that he would resist the temptation to offer anyone car buying advice. That was before God  revealed the plans He had for him.  Little did he know that emailing one "Secret" about "Dealer Tricks of the Trade" would spread like wildfire over the Internet! 


Suddenly Bruce was inundated with incoming email requests for car buying advice along with invitations to speak publicly about "Dealer Tricks of the Trade" . Soon it became clear that God was not going to allow him to remain under the radar. Through the birth of this "Peculiar Ministry" God gave him a vision to share these "Insider Secrets" first with the church ---then the world! 


Through this Internet technology as God inspired Bruce to merge "Biblical Principles of Persuasion" along with his innovative negotiation strategies to birth "Brother In The Business®" consulting service and the Christian Car Buying Ministry (CCBM).   This global forum enables serious car shoppers to consult with Bruce online to get a second opinion on their final price before they close their car deal.  If it's a "Fair" price he'll confirm if it's not he'll show you how you can do better.  Either way you win!


From the moment of contact he encourages them to seek God in a prayer paving the way for God to usher them into the customization of a proven, money saving, negotiation strategy.  He'll also teach you how to avoid critical mistakes during negotiations before it's too late. Bruce reminds us, " Dealers are motivated by profit but we often forget that they can only do what we allow!"


Now that he's FREE to "Spill The Beans" he invites you to share his "Insider" dealership experience to empower yourself to overcome the daily frustration experienced by thousands who admit not knowing what to say when negotiating with car Dealers.  

Bruce thanks God for leading people to this website to learn how to save money and to hear the "Good News" . Only the things we do for Christ shall last.